Maximize Vision Improvements After Cataract Surgery with Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) Technology

Cataract surgery performed to restore vision is one of our most common surgical procedures performed in America. With more than 3.6 million cataract surgeries performed in the U.S. this year, it is also considered to be among the safest types of surgeries. At New Vision Eye Center, we make cataract surgery even more safe and effective with the use of state-of-the-art technologies. By pairing recent upgrades in cataract lens implant technology with the use of the Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA), you'll get more predictable and accurate vision correction immediately.

ORA technology enables cataract surgeons to measure outcomes, correct astigmatism, and verify lens implant calculations during cataract surgery, instead of after, by using real-time measurements of your eye during the procedure. The measurements taken during cataract surgery increase accuracy, enhance outcomes, and reduce post-operative complications.

How ORA Works

During the surgical procedure, ORA allows the doctor to take a picture of the eye and make modifications based on measurements previously unavailable during this type of surgical procedure. The technology ensures you achieve the best quality of vision during the procedure instead of having to wait for weeks to assess the accuracy of your vision correction.

After the surgeon has removed the cataract and replaced it with an intraocular lens implant, ORA performs 40 instantaneous and distinct calculations to measure the refractive power of the eye being corrected. This ensures that your result is customized to you and as accurate as possible.

By mapping out and analyzing the entire eye before, during, and after surgery, our surgeon uses real-time measurements to help with the placement of the new lens. ORA makes use of intraoperative wavefront aberrometry (the way light passes through the new lens) to confirm you are receiving proper implant power and correct lens implant placement. If astigmatism is present, ORA is used to determine the magnitude and direction needed for optimal results. By making minor adjustments during the surgery, our doctor can customize the refinement of your lens power incrementally, so your vision is ideal.

Are You a Candidate for ORA?

While beneficial to all patients, the collection of precise measurements made possible with the use of ORA allows those who have already had LASIK, PRK, RK, and other refractive surgeries as well as those with more challenging surgical needs, to receive a more significant degree of vision correction.

ORA has revolutionized cataract surgery by taking the guesswork out of the calculations needed to correct extreme near- or far-sightedness and substantial levels of astigmatism. Our surgeons can now customize the power of the intraocular lens more precisely during implantation at the time of cataract surgery so once you heal, your vision allows you to see clearly.

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