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Medicare sees fit to cover 'necessary' eyelid surgery
People tend to think of eyelid surgery as purely cosmetic, but it often has an important medical purpose because those drooping eyelids can dramatically diminish a patient's field of vision...
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New Vision Eye Center Sponsors Richard DeSocio at The Florida Senior Games, Competes in 70+ Age Category for Track and Field
New Vision Eye Center is pleased to announce their sponsorship of patient Richard DeSocio in the Florida Senior Games...
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Exciting LASIK surgery advances come into focus
Going online to read about LASIK eye surgery will bring an instant avalanche of acronyms to your screen. You'll find LASIK, LASEK, PRK, AST, IOL and a host of other procedures all on the same page and you might just need a Greek-to-English dictionary to decipher some of them...
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Minotty Eye Foundation best direct service employee of the year award
Congratulations to Carole Ware of the City of St. Petersburg/Sunshine Senior Center on her recent selection as the Minotty Eye Foundation Aging Services Providers Best Direct Service Employee of the Year...
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Vero surgeon fixes sight for sore eyes in Mexico
If luxury travel is your thing, don't even think about taking your next "vacation" with Vero Beach's Dr. Robert Reinauer, a fellowship-trained vitreoretinal surgeon...
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Eye, eye! Treatment KO's cataracts - and need for glasses
Medical consumers can be a downright demanding bunch. We always want better, safer, faster fixes for our medical problems...
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Clearing up cataracts can be quicker than you think
For the past few years, life has been a bit blurry for Martha Sapp - as though there was a bit of 'gunk' covering the lens of her eyes. It turns out, she's far from alone: approximately 20.5 million people in the U.S. have hazy vision issues caused by cataracts...
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New Vision clears up cataracts and more
A few years ago, Jackie McCorkle felt like there was a smudge on her glasses whenever she tried to read or drive. Things were blurry. Frustrated, she went to New Vision Eye Center in Vero Beach and was told she had cataracts...
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Deputy shot in December to receive LASIK surgery
Sheriffs Deputy Christopher Lester grew up in Vero Beach, so he knows the streets of Indian River County like the back of his hand. But the problem is, that's about as far as he can see clearly without his glasses...
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Laser eye surgery donated to Indian River deputy shot during traffic stop
Amid the scuffle and the gunfight with a felon on the morning of Dec. 18, a sheriff's deputy lost his eyeglasses...
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Local practice uses new tech to safely improve eyesight
If you are having trouble seeing the paradise that is Indian River County, New Vision Eye Center might just be able to give you a better, sharper view.
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New Vision Eye Center Welcomes New Retina Surgeon
New Vision Eye Center welcomes Robert M. Reinauer, M.D., as a new ophthalmologist starting in July.
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Sugey Sanchez Earns Dual Certification
Paul V. Minotty, M.D. announces that staff member, Sugey Sanchez, recently achieved designation of Certified Ophthalmic Assistant (COA), in addition to becoming certified as an Ophthalmic Scribe, by the Joint Commission of Allied Health Professionals (JCAHPO).
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Twelve Technicians Receive Ophthalmic Scribe Certification
New Vision Eye Center announces that 12 technicians received their Ophthalmic Scribe Certification. The examination assesses the ability to create and maintain patient medical records.
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Key Staff Members Become Certified Patient Service Specialists
New Vision Eye Center announces that employees Ruth Weathington, Jennifer Jackson, and Maria Ruiz have earned the credential of Certified Patient Service Specialists (CPSS).
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New Vision Eye Center Employee Earns Prestigious Designation
VERO BEACH - Paul V. Minotty, MD, along with Drs. Meyer, O'Brien, Tate, and Winslow, is pleased to announce that their clinical coordinator, Cynthia Thompson, COA, has achieved the designation of Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT), awarded by the Joint Commission of Allied Health Professionals.
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New Vision Eye Center First to Offer Laser Cataract Surgery
New Vision Eye Center in Vero Beach is the first and only practice on the Treasure Coast to offer laser cataract surgery.
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New Vision Surgical Center achieves AAAHC accreditation
We believe our patients deserve the best, stated Paul V. Minotty, MD, manager of the center.
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Debbie Slade awarded a Minotty Eye Foundation Award
The Minotty Eye Foundation Award for the Best Direct Service Employee of the Year for 2011 was awarded to Debbie Slade at the Florida Association of Aging Services Providers conference.
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FSU Medical School welcomes New Vision Eye Center's physicians
FSU Medical School welcomes New Vision Eye Center's Physicians to their Teaching Facility.....
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David J. O'Brien, M.D. offers new technology
David J. O'Brien, MD offers New LASIK Technology on the Treasure Coast.......
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Dr. Paul V. Minotty Saved My Eyesight!
This story is what my Mother used to call a tearjerker. It has all the elements: love, devotion, physical challenge and luckily a happy ending
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Minotty Eye Foundation in Vero Beach honors Margate service employee
Therese Pokfryke received the Minotty Eye Foundation Award for the Best Direct Service Employee of the Year for 2010, at the Florida Association of Aging Services Providers annual conference in Orlando.
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Laser helps give patients new outlook on life
Health treatments for the eye are making such advancements, some procedures offered locally require less than a day of recovery
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The flap over LASIK - Is this the right procedure for you?
Over the past decade, more than 10,000 people on the Treasure Coast have had some form of laser vision correction. The vast majority wound up with better vision and are happy
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