How to Choose the Best Eye Care Center

Your vision lets you see and enjoy the world around you. To protect the health of your eyes, you deserve world-class eye care sm. To find that, you need to choose your eye care center carefully. When selecting an eye care center, keep the following tips in mind.

Look for World Class Technology

Once you have found an eye care center that has the medical team you need, you should look for a beautiful clinic that meets nationally recognized standards for quality of care and that has top notch technology on hand to ensure you're getting the safest, most efficient care possible. Some of the technology you may want to look for includes computer-aided lasers such as Alcon's LenSx® laser, the Wavelight excimer laser for LASIK laser vision correction, SLT - Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty for treating glaucoma, the Heidelberg Spectralis for diagnosing and following the progression of macular degeneration, and other types of technology.

Find a Clinic That Treats a Wide Variety of Conditions

In a lot of cases, you may face more than one vision issue over the course of your lifetime. For instance, some patients may seek vision correction in their 30s and then develop cataracts later in life. To ensure that you don't have to jump from clinic to clinic for different treatments, you should look for an eye care center with experience treating a wide variety of conditions such as cataracts, detached retinas, dry eyes, flashes and floaters, glaucoma, vision issues caused by diabetes, pterygium, and others. Seeing the same specialist throughout your life can provide a sense of ease when you are facing a difficult diagnosis. In addition, your doctor will be familiar with your medical history, which will aid in prescribing the best treatment plan for you and your unique eyes.

Consider Financing Options

You don't want to let your eye care needs wait. When your eye doctor recommends a certain procedure, you don't want to wait for the condition to worsen. However, if it's not covered by insurance and you don't have enough to pay out of pocket, you need an eye care center that offers financing. Ideally, you want a simple application such as that offered by a local bank such as Wells Fargo, and you want to be able to avoid interest if you pay the balance off over a certain time period.

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