Preventing Heart-Attacks with a Trip to the Eye Doctor

Modern medical studies have revealed that there can be a strong correlation between ophthalmic disease and some systemic conditions, especially cardiovascular disease. After examination of these similarities (particularly in the elderly and chronic cases), the shared traits of both underlying disease, as there appears to be this underlying pathogenesis between the two conditions, there is also a belief that proper standard treatment can help both.

Some common risk factors:

• Hypertension
• Cigarette smoking
• Lipids
• Obesity
• Metabolic syndrome

Shared links between carotid disease and eye disease

Observations have revealed that patients, where atherosclerosis is detected in their carotid vessels, are more likely to have diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Atherosclerosis may cause cholesterol buildup right in the retina, which may predispose patients to AMD. Inflammation is a central pathway of both cardiovascular disease and many eye conditions. Inflammatory indicators are linked to both heart disease and wider retinal veins(venules). Even though these small retinal vessels may be indicators for likewise changes in the heart, it appears to be too early to use them as a clinical screening tool for estimating your risk of developing a heart attack. Newer technology may enable us one day to better provide an accurate evaluation of these changes.

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