Do Eye Floaters Ever Go Away?

If you suffer from eye floaters, you understand the frustration that comes with seeing something cross your field of vision without ever being able to really focus on it. If you're like many people with eye floaters, you may have found yourself wondering if you will ever have floater-free vision again.

Understanding Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are annoying black or gray spots or strings in your vision that seem to move around when you move your eyes. Sometimes floaters look like cobwebs, rings or uneven lines in your vision.

Most eye floaters occur because of normal changes to our eyes as we age, however they can also occur because of inflammation in the back of your eye, eye injuries, eye tumors, bleeding in the vitreous (the jelly-like substance in your eyeballs), or a torn retina. The specks or spots will not go away on their own, but most people with eye floaters learn to live with them and find they don't notice them as much as time goes on.

People most likely to experience eye floaters are those over the age of 50, people who are nearsighted, those with diabetic retinopathy, anyone who has experienced eye trauma or eye inflammation, or people who have had complications from cataract surgery.

When to Seek Treatment for Eye Floaters

If you are concerned about your eye floaters, make an appointment to talk to your ophthalmologist, who can dilate and examine your eyes and help you determine whether further treatment makes sense or not.

Most of the time, eye floaters are harmless and do not require treatment. If eye floaters are impairing your vision, however, surgical treatment may be an option. Surgery may not be able to remove all of your floaters and new floaters may develop, but surgery can help improve patients' vision.

If your eye floaters are accompanied by flashes of light, if you have a sudden increase in the number of eye floaters, or if you have also noticed darkness in or lost your peripheral vision, it's important to seek help right away as those symptoms may indicate that you have a torn retina, which is an emergency that requires prompt treatment.

New Vision Eye Center Can Help

For many people with floaters, the best course of action is to learn to live with, and ignore, the floaters. However, every patient's experience is different.

Regular eye exams are an important step in maintaining and correcting your vision. If you suffer from eye floaters, schedule an appointment for your next eye exam with New Vision Eye Center in Vero Beach, FL. We care about the health of your eyes, and want to help you see as clearly as possible.

It's important to choose eye care professionals with experience dealing with floaters. At New Vision Eye Care Center, have knowledge and experience helping patients with all kinds of vision issues, including eye floaters. We also offer a surgical solution for floaters, which may help improve vision for some patients.

To learn more, contact us online today, or call (772) 257-8700.