What is Monovision?

A change in perspective

Don't let the world pass you by in a blur. Instead, find out how monovision can help you see life more clearly. As we age, there are certainties we accept. For many, presbyopia or "aging eye" is one of them.

At about age 40, even those of you who have enjoyed 20/20 vision for most of your lives notice a dramatic change in vision. All of a sudden you can't quite seem to make out the menu at dinner, when reading a label on the back of a cereal box, while enjoying a book before bedtime, or texting your children from your smartphone.

This is a natural occurrence as you age and is caused when rigidity increases in the clear lens, making it harder for the lens to easily change its shape. The lack of malleability makes it more difficult to focus on up-close tasks.

The solution

If you haven't memorized the menu at your favorite restaurant, now you have to whip out a pair of “cheaters” every time you go out to dinner. Then, one day you don't have your readers and have to ask the waiter to read you the menu. Not the end of the world, but it nags at your pride to rely on someone else to complete a simple task.

Not to worry. Custom cataract surgery is a safe procedure that can turn back the clock on your vision. One of the many customizable choices your doctor will discuss with you at the time of your cataract surgery consultation will be monvision, which enables you to see up closely and at a distance without dependence on reading or distance glasses. An option many patients opt to take for a test drive before committing is to wear contact lenses to get a sneak peek into your “new vision” possibilities before the permanent implantation of the powered lenses.

The procedure

Monovision cataract surgery focuses on the strength of each eye to improve vision. Each eye is treated individually, with sharp distance vision adjustments made to the dominant eye and close-up vision in the non-dominant eye. Simply put, the ophthalmologist leaves one eye mildly nearsighted and corrects refractive errors in the second eye. Playing to the strengths of each eye, relying on the fully corrected eye for distance and the nearsighted eye for near vision. Over time, the eyes adjust and work together to provide improved close-up vision without any loss to distance vision.

A new view

Wish to have less dependence on your reading glasses? Monovision cataract surgery could be just what you're looking for.

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