No Need for Face-Down-Positioning after Retinal Surgery

Long thought of as a standard post retina surgery recovery method, Face Down Positioning (FDP) is not necessary at New Vision Eye Center with retina procedures performed by Dr. Robert Reinauer.

Typically, face-down positioning is required for several days to a week and, in some cases, longer. This method of recovery can prove to be awkward and uncomfortable for the patient, leading to discomfort and morbidity, especially in cases of advanced age or musculoskeletal disorders. Further observation of patients finds that in many cases FDP has been the cause of mesenteric venous obstructions in patients who suffer from hypercoagulable states, deep vein thrombosis, or pulmonary embolism. This is not only uncomfortable but harmful as well.

Dr. Reinauer's primary focus is vitreoretinal surgical care of the retina (vitrectomy; retinal detachments, treatment of dry and wet macular degeneration, macular holes), and diabetic eye care. His cutting-edge techniques combined with micro-precision instruments allows for Dr. Reinauer to operate very precisely. By not causing as much trauma as older techniques or by using larger gauge instruments, his patients are able to avoid Face Down Positioning post operatively in most cases.

Below is a list of more specific conditions that would benefit from vitreoretinal surgery:

• Macular hole
• Epiretinal membrane
• Vitreomacular traction
• Intraocular foreign bodies
• Vitreous biopsy
• Endophthalmitis
• Vitreous hemorrhage
• Tractional retinal detachment
• Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment
• Refractory macular edema
• Dislocated intraocular lens
• Retained lens material

This approach is ideal for patients that need to undergo retinal surgery yet dread the possible Face Down Positioning that would typically follow, and certainly for older patients and those with back and cervical spine issues. Dr. Reinauer's advanced vitreoretinal technique encourages higher tissue closure and healing rates, which is also of tremendous benefit to the patient.

If you would like a consultation, schedule a visit with retina specialist Robert M. Reinauer, MD by contacting New Vision Eye Center at 772-257-8700.

About Doctor Reinauer, M.D.:

Dr. Reinauer joined New Vision Eye Center in 2015, following his completion of a fellowship in Vitreoretinal Surgery at The University of Texas Southwestern. Dr. Reinauer attended medical school at The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine in San Antonio, where he received his degree as an undergrad. He then interned at Baylor College of Medicine Affiliated Hospitals in Houston, followed by a six-year residency in Ophthalmology at Kresge Eye Institute in Detroit, which he completed in 2013. Dr. Reinauer is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO).

He is bi-lingual as well and also speaks medical Spanish.