The Benefits of All Laser LASIK Eye Surgery

If you want to correct your vision, you may be considering all laser LASIK. To help you decide if LASIK eye surgery is right for you, check out the following benefits.

Helps a Wide Range of Vision Issues

All laser LASIK eye surgery can help to correct a wide range of visual issues. If you are nearsighted or farsighted, this surgery can correct either of those issues. First, the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to precisely create a thin flap of corneal tissue in order to then use an excimer laser to reshape the underlying tissue. In addition to correcting nearsightedness or farsightedness, this method can also correct astigmatism.

If you need an additional procedure after your LASIK eye surgery to tweak your visual results, that can easily be performed. Even years after the original surgery, it's possible to have an enhancement performed if necessary.

At New Vision Eye Center, our refractive surgeon David J. O'Brien's results are so good that less than 4% of his patients have needed an enhancement.

Nearly Complete Correction

Another benefit of all laser LASIK is that for most patients, the surgery can completely eliminate the need to wear glasses, and the result is achieved almost immediately. Only a small percentage of people need glasses after LASIK eye surgery. Generally, these people are not completely reliant on corrective lenses, as they were prior to surgery. Instead, they may only need glasses for certain circumstances such as reading in low light or driving at night.

All LASIK Laser Surgery Is Affordable

All laser LASIK requires an upfront investment, but when you compare that cost to the price of buying glasses or contacts for the rest of your life, it's substantially less expensive. Most patients find that they save a lot on vision-related expenses after getting LASIK eye surgery, compared to the cost of replacing glasses year after year.

Virtually Painless

All laser LASIK is an outpatient procedure. You don't have to carve a lot time out of your busy schedule to have the procedure. Instead, you just need to find a little time to come to the eye clinic, and you get to go home a couple hours later. By the next morning, you should be able to resume your normal activities. While the surgery is happening, you usually don't feel a thing. Most patients report that they can feel a little pressure during the procedure but thanks to advancements in numbing medications, little else is felt.

Once the procedure is over, the patient is instructed to go home and rest for the remainder of the day. When patients are able to follow proper post-op protocol, they heal with little to no discomfort.

Fast Recovery Time

Compared to other eye surgeries, LASIK eye surgery has a very quick recovery time. Patients need to be careful not to rub their eyes for at least a week and are given protective eye goggles to wear when they sleep for this reason. Cleanliness and following a drop regimen are all that are required. Patients are able to resume normal activities, including driving, after their first post-op visit. Your eye surgeon can give you the specifics on how long recovery should take in your situation.

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